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Topographical and 3D Laser Scanning Surveys


Topographical Survey

A topographical survey provides accurate measurements and levels of a selected area, which can also include road markings, building outlines and street furnishings.  3D laser scanning is undertaken to provide a highly detailed technical drawing of a chosen area. 

Total Station
Topographical Survey
Land Survey

How it works

Topographical Survey
A GPS unit is used to set up control points and stations. Once this is completed the total station can be accurately calibrated and used to collect data which is later processed in the office where the data is converted into a dwg file.

3D laser scanning survey
Laser scanners do exactly what they say on the tin. The laser scanner is mounted onto a tripod which then does a 360° rotation while shooting millions of data points collecting highly precise measurements building a 3d map.

Why have a Topograhical/3D survey undertaken?

There are many reasons for having a topograhical/3D survey completed. They can be undertaken during other survey works to map out utilities, building layouts etc. Other reason may be for planning future works which may help engineers and architects design upcoming projects.

We also provide AS-LAID surveys to find out more information click the link below

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